sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Malevolence prequel Bereavement Movie Poster.

Earlier this month we dropped some news on the prequel to the awesome 2004 slasher flick Malevolence entitled Bereavement. Now writer/director Steven Mena has shared a little more treats for all of us horror fans!Check out the cool poster art below and then head on over to our pals at Dread Central and check out the cool exclusive pics they have!

Mena says;

"BEREAVEMENT is a very, very different film from the first one. The only way to describe it is like an epic horror story," said Mena in an early interview. "It’s more in the vein of THE SHINING, whereas the original was kind of like HALLOWEEN or FRIDAY THE 13TH. BEREAVEMENT is more of a character study than MALEVOLENCE was.”
Source: Geektyrant.com

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