domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010


Splice was one of the films that premiered up at The Sundance Film Festival this year, and finally a couple weeks after the Sundance Film Festival ended, the movie has a buyer. That buyer is producer Joel Silver and his Dark Castle film label. They are currently in the lasat stages of closing a distribution deal for the sci-fi horror film.

According to the deal, Splice will be given a wide summer release on 3,000 screens, and a P&A commitment between around $35 to $40 million dollars.

This is a huge deal! Most movies at Sundance are bought for around $5 million or lower. I'm shocked that Dark Castle is rolling the dice on this film with that much cash. Apparently they think they found the next Paranormal Activity. The thing is, Splice is nothing like that! We had a chance to see this movie at the festival, and this is a hardcore horror movie for hardcore horror fans.

One of our writers, Brian S, who is a huge horror movie fan says that Splice will be the big surprise hit of the year. And he might be right.

This movie is extremely jacked up, and when word gets out about how insane this movie is, and how it will take the audience to forbidden places, the people may end up flocking to see it to see for themselves. This movie crosses the line and is wrong on so many levels, and me telling you that will probably perk your interest in watching this movie. I love horror films, and this one definitely had its great moments, but I seriously doubt I'll ever watch this film again. It was a total mind f___.


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