sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Tons of New Daybreakers Stills.

Lionsgate has released over a dozen brand new stills for their upcoming vampire epic Daybreakers. Thankfully this looks like it may bring vampires back over to the more horrific side after Twilight. Check out the images below and click on them for a better look.The synopsis for the film is as follows: Vampirism has spread like a plague in ten short years and only 5% of the population remains human, an endangered species being hunted and farmed for their precious life-source. Two brothers, one who believes in the Vampire Cause, and the other who still mourns his lost humanity, are on opposing sides of the fight. The two must ultimately face-off in a deathly struggle that brings the key to saving the human race and salvation to a dying vampire population.Click here to see the rest of the stills.
Source: Horror-movies.ca

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