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High Life – Poster and trailer for Timothy Olyphant’s heist type film.

Adapted from Lee MacDougal’s play, “High Life” features Timothy Olyphant as Dick, a hapless loser who along with drug-addict pals Billy (Rossif Sutherland), Bug (Stephen Eric McIntyre) and Donnie (Joe Anderson) tries to pull off a daring ATM heist. Initially set in the present-day, director Gary Yates changed the setting to 1983 to help the believability factor.

“I just didn’t believe they could do it in modern times,” he says. “There are too many cameras to pull off an ATM scam. So I thought, ‘What if I set it when ATMs first came out?’ Then I could make these guys classic ’70s rock holdovers. They don’t belong in the ’80s; the ’80s is the give-it-to-me now generation.”

“It made sense to have a story about a machine in a wall that spits out cash,” Sutherland adds. “Trying to do a heist picture today would have to include something about frauds over the web and we,” he said, looking at co-star McIntyre with a wry grin, “don’t have a mind for that.”

“Part of the magic for my character,” McIntyre says, “is having him come out of jail and seeing all these new inventions.”

Yates’ crisp dialogue appealed to Olyphant, who was hot off supporting turns in “Live Free or Die Hard” and HBO’s “Deadwood” when he agreed to star in the indie feature.

“The script was fantastic and the characters were great,” he says. “It’s not very often that you get that kind of writing.

“As opposed to the challenges for a big, stupid movie where the task is, ‘How do I do this and not look like an a—hole?’ This is a piece of cake.” Source: Live for films

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