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THE THING Prequel Prepping up to Shoot in March!

The prequel to John Carpenter’s classic horror film The Thing is going to start shooting in March! I have been pretty excited about seeing the potential that his film has. I hope it is realized in a way that lives up to the awesome standards of the original, which is still a freakin' great movie! The Thing prequel is being set up at Universal Pictures and is being directed by a commercial director named Matthijis van Heijiningen Jr.

This prequel will dive into the story of how this alien being ended up crashing near the Norwegian camp. The original script was written by Ronald D. Moore and then Eric Heisserer stepped in to do some major re-writes. In an interview back in August he gave a little info on what he and the director did to construct the story.

''It's a really fascinating way to construct a story because were doing it by autopsy, by examining very, very closely everything we know about the Norwegian camp and about the events that happened there from photos and video footage that's recovered, from a visit to the base, the director, producer and I have gone through it countless times marking, you know, there's a fire axe in the door, we have to account for that...were having to reverse engineer it, so those details all matter to us ‘cause it all has to make sense.

We explain how it got there. We're finding so much from Carpenter's movie that you think you've seen, but in actually it allows us to come up with certain twists on what we have that will allow people to be on the edge of their seat, and not know who's going to make it and who's not.''

I’m really excited for this movie. They are going to great lengths to make sure the details of this film are in sync with the original. I would love to see them use real practical effects and make-up for this like they did in the original. CG blood and gore just doesn’t have the same effect the tangible stuff has.

The film will be shooting from March until June this year in Toronto, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have come up with.

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