terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

It's After My Head!: Giant Tarantula Backpack.

This is a giant tarantula bookbag found on furaffinity.net by Geekologie Reader Kevin while searching for women that like to dress up as guinea pigs. It was made by talented user Dludnerad and stores a ton of whatever the hell people put in bookbags these days. Books, haha -- what is this, the 1800's?!

''The amazing Tamara made me a mighty backpack for midfur. It's a gorgeous plush tarantula that clings to my back. He unzips beneath the mandibles so you can store goodies inside him.


He's amazingly soft and warm!

My dad was in hospital for his cancer operation over the week. I perched this on the end of his bed so it could stare at him. Part of my plan to get his blood circulating!''

Great job and a very heartwarming story. Hope your father pulled through the operation in good health and gave a big eff you to that cancer. If I had it my way only robots would get that shit. Plus oil AIDS.

Thanks to Kevin, who doesn't really have a "girls dressed as guinea pigs" fetish that he'll admit. Source: Geekologie.com

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