sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009

'Tis The Season: For Makin' Love In Front Of The Fire A Christmas Light Covered Truck?

Iowan (someone from Iowa, that wasn't word wizardry) Kris Marshall covers his truck with around 3,000 Christmas lights and supplies them with power via gas powered generator in the bed. And let me tell you: if you've got a gas-powered generator in your bed, the sex toys are getting out of hand got out of hand a long time ago.

"It's totally illegal and almost all the cops are cool with that. Almost all... some of them don't get it. Last night I met two cops in four minutes and they just smiled. I think I've got most of them trained."

With the exception of a few tickets for illegal use of lights, the only other downside to The Christmas Truck is when one of his sons decides to use it for a date.

"If you're picking up your girlfriend in the Christmas truck and she's not expecting the Christmas Truck that can be a dealbreaker."

What in the -- what kind of woman wouldn't want to ride in the Christmas Truck? I mean, besides the ones with any taste or decency. Or teeth. Come on, we are talking Iowa here (do meat and potatoes rot teeth?). Source: Geekologie.com

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