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Harry Potter’s Nude Scene in DEATHLY HALLOWS… Wait What?

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe will have a nude scene playing Harry Potter in one of the final two movies for The Deathly Hallows. Damn, these kids sure grew up fast didn’t they!? This wont be the first time Radcliffe will shed his clothes for the sake of art. He did it for the play Equus.

According to a report on the Video Business Web site:

''In one scene, “a horcrux [carrying a piece of Voldemort's soul] defends itself by producing nightmarish visions, and one shows Hermione and Harry embracing and kissing,” explained Yates. “It’s something intriguing and sensual for Rupert [Grint, who plays Ron] to react to, and Dan will be bare for that.”

So there ya have it! I wouldn’t expect him to go full frontal in the scene so sorry to all the ladies out there that were hoping for it. The scene is taken from from the Silver Doe chapter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. There’s no word on whether Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, will also shed her clothes for the scene as well. I seriously doubt it, they’ll most likely cover her up with a sheet or something. I don’t know! I just think it’s weird seeing these kids grow up in the Harry Potter films and know they are getting all kinds of naked in the franchise that made them famous.

Also, the picture you see above is the first official image from The Deathly Hallows featuring your three favorite characters Harry, Ron, and Hermione. In the article over at USA Today Yates describes the film as being more grounded in reality.

''It’s going to feel very real. We’re going for a vérité approach. Being away from Hogwarts, they’re like these three refugees on the run. They’re out in the big bad world, facing real danger, unguarded by those wonderful benign wizards at Hogwarts. They don’t have a home to go to. We’re kind of pulling away from the magic a bit and bringing more reality to it.''

This film follows the young wizards as they are struggling to find their way in the Muggle (human) world, with their own lives in the balance and the fate of the magical realm in their hands. This must include getting naked.

What are your thoughts on Harry going nude in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
Source: Geektyrant.com

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