quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Comes Out of the Closet.

I'm a big fan of ice cream. Especially Ben & Jerry's. My dad used to use different flavors as nicknames for my siblings...my little sister was "Chunky Monkey."

But I'm afraid I'm going to have to stick solely to my Haagen-Dazs for a little while.

"Ben and Jerry's has changed the name of one of its best-selling ice creams to Hubby Hubby, in celebration of the legalisation of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont."

This isn't the first time Ben & Jerry's has changed the name of one of it's flavors. Earlier this year they "marked Barack Obama's election as US president by renaming one of its nutty ice cream flavours "Yes Pecan".

I love ice cream and I love politics but trying to mix them together will give me a stomachache.

Source: Kevinmccullough.townhall.com

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