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Neve Campbell Returns as Sidney Prescott for Scream 4!

As you know Scream 4 is gearing up for production which will kick off an all new Scream trilogy. Courteney Cox and David Arquette have both committed to return to the franchise, but that is the only cast that has really been unveiled until today. Variety reports that Neve Campbell has just signed on to be in Scream 4! I wasn’t sure if she would do it or not, and I heard she wasn’t very keen on the idea, but I guess money talks, or maybe the script is really good. I’m glad she’s coming back, she really hasn’t done anything worth mentioning since Scream, which is kinda weird. So it looks like they are getting the gang back together! Everyone except for Randy, which sucks, he was always my favorite Scream character. Scream 4 will star Production in April or May, and the Weinstein’s are still in talks with Wes Craven to come back and direct the films. It would be great if they were able to get Craven back on board!

Other movies the Weinsteins plan to reboot include, Children of the Corn, Hellraiser, Scanners (3D), Short Circuit, and An American Werewolf in London. They are really excited to expanding more into 3D filmmaking.

So what do you think about Campbell’s return to the world of Scream?
Source: Geektyrant.com

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