domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

DVD Review: GRACE (2009).

Paul Solet has introduced us to Grace and the we are falling in love with baby Grace!

Grace is not your everyday little horror flick.First of all it’s “villain” is a newborn baby and alot of people don’t like children/baby scenes like this movie has.Don’t get me wrong,they aren’t that bad,it’s usually the people who over react!There is plenty of blood,flies and a cat!The creepier the better for me!It kind of reminds me of It’s Alive!Grace is my favorite “horror” flick of 2009… far!

Grace tells the story of Madelaine Matheson(Jordan Ladd) and her husband Michael(Stephen Park)who are having a baby,certain unexpected things happen that sets a turn of events that will simply creep you out.Jordan Ladd’s character goes through a slow and dark deteriorating change throughout the movie and makes you feel sorry for her character Madelaine.Madelaine deals with a personal loss,controlling people in her life and her fight to keep baby Grace with her and also keeping her alive!There are a few disturbing scenes in this movie that might get to some people but suck it up you wussy’s,you knew this wasn’t a Disney flick.As Grace finally came to it’s close i found myself actually wanting more!

Paul Solet has solidified himself as one of the new breed of writer/director’s,he is on the map and i can’t wait to see what he does next!I interviewed one of Grace’s producers Adam Green(Hatchet,Spiral) about this project several months ago and he told me how cool it was going to be and it sure didn’t disappoint!Even the freakin poster is cool and extra features you don’t want to miss!And speaking of the extras i have a special new found respect for Paul Solet on the way he got this film out,basically he hit the street and put his heart,soul,word of mouth and sweat in it!Great job Paul!


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