segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Jennifer’s Body “BLOWS” At The Box Office.

So did you go see Jennifer’s Body this weekend? Not a whole lot of people did either so you are not alone! Not even Megan Fox’s good looks and diva attitude could help this movie. All the good parts were shown in the trailers and that’s pretty much it ya’ll. It brought in only $6.8 million and came in at 5th place. After this weeks leak about how Fox acted like a biotch to Michael Bay and then his Transformers 2 crew having his back saying she was very difficult to work with, she might be crawling back to him for forgiveness and maybe an even smaller part in Transformers 3, whenever that happens. It’s not like she’s getting alot of movie offers out there in lala land! With only a $16 million budget Fox will be struggling to make that money back!

On a cool side note, Halloween 2 has brought in over $30 million and has more than doubled it’s budget! And The Final Destination has brought in over $62 million with only a $40 million budget so it’s in the green also. The only reason I’m bringing this up is for horror and sci-fi movies to continue they have to make money and these have! District 9 has also done very well!

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