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Whiplash Design for IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH Comic Book Series.

As you know Iron Man 2 is currently in the post production phase of movie making. It is going through the editing, sound, and special effects process. The main villain in the film is Whiplash who is being played by Mickey Rourke. We have seen a couple images of him in his early whiplash outfit. It looks pretty gnarly. To get you up to speed on who whiplash is and get to know the villain a little bit better Marvel’s kicking off a four-issue IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH limited series beginning in November.

«Before he flays the metal off of Tony Stark’s hide in ‘Iron Man 2,’ this is every True Believer’s chance to crawl inside the twisted head of the wicked Whiplash,” boasts Editor Bill Rosemann. “If it’s jet-setting, globe-trotting, eye-popping action you crave, IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH will make you believe that Tony Stark is indeed a cool exec with a heart of steel…and Whiplash is the fiend that will break it!»

Below you will find the Whiplash character design for the comic book, and the cover art for the first issue of IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH. The Whiplash design is pretty cool, but I seriously doubt that this is the same design that will be used in the movie. First of all I know Marvel wants to keep the actual movie design under wraps as long as they can. Second of all if they were going off the movie designs then the Iron man suit used in the cover of the comic would resemble the Iron Man suit of the movie more. It may have the same basic design but the details are different. I just think the Whiplash design in the film is going to look much cooler. What do you all think?
Source: GeekTyrant.com

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