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Will Sidney Prescott die in SCREAM 4???

We’ve been keeping you up to date with the everything that’s been going on with Scream 4, the first in a new trilogy of sequels to the highly successful Wes Craven directed Scream franchise. Craven has been rumored to be back to direct, but it hasn’t been confirmed. Officially, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and his wife Courtney Cox are all returning to reprise their roles. Scream 1 & 2 writer and Scream 3 producer, Kevin Williamson, is hard at work writing the fourth installment.

A couple of weeks ago, Williamson revealed details about what he has entail for Scream 4. The new movie will (true to the time between the films) take place 10 years after the events of the third, and be set in Sidney’s hometown of Woodsboro. The story will center on the three returning main characters, but an ensemble of new cast members will be introduced that will take us through the following films.

So since the characters we know and love may not return for the next two movies… does this spell the death of the film’s heroine, Sidney Prescott??? When the NY Post asked Williamson point blank if his claim to “never play Sid out that way” still stood, he replied:

''I can’t promise anything.''

That doesn’t sound good. But can you believe any answer he gives at this point? When Scream 4 was first announced, Neve Campbell passed on reprising the role of Sidney. Can’t say I blame her. Horror movies have a nasty habit of killing off their heroines when they return for subsequent sequels. So it was a big surprise when it was announced that she would return for Scream 4.

Williamson expanded more on Campbell’s return, and why Sidney might not survive to see the end credits:

''The thing about Scream 4 is that there are a lot of twists and turns, so I can’t promise anything. There are a lot of moving pieces, so we’ll see — but if you’re a Scream fan, I think you’re really going to like it.''

With Scream’s self awareness still in tow, and the face of horror significantly changing over the last 10 years, Williamson explained that while he altered the tone of the new movie, he didn’t want to make Scream 4 too jokey:

''I’ve [included] manga comics, Asian ghost girl movies, there’s some PG-13 horror movies in there, vampire movies, M. Night Shyamalan movies and torture porn movies, even though they’ve come and gone. You have to be careful because Scary Movie spoofed these films, so one of the things I’m excited about with Scream 4 is that, while we do lampoon and send up the genre, [we] make it incredibly scary. That’s first and foremost.''

Do you think Sidney Prescott will survive long enough to make it to Scream 5? Or will Scream 4 be the end of her phone call answering days?Source:

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