domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Paranormal Activity Has Reached It’s 1,000,000 Votes! Nationwide Release Is…

Paramount’s Paranormal Activity “experimental” strategy to “listen to the fans” has worked! A few of us and alot of YOU went HOG WILD on this campaign and some went ” THE EXTRA MILE” to get this cool, haunting, creepy ass, scary and jumpy flick it’s well deserved national release! Did i leave out a word? Some of you have seen it already and loved it! Those of you who haven’t seen it ask your local cinema to have midnight showings! It’ll just be scarier that way don’t you think!

Paranormal Activity will get it’s national release on Friday October 16. The movie has already gained $1.2M in its limited run, including $77K in midnight screenings alone. Now we’ll get the chance to see how it does with some studio push behind it.

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