segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

DO NOT WANT: Scrap Metal Alien Queen.

This is a giant Alien queen statue made out of scrap metal. She's scary as hell and will give you the worst kind of STD if you try making love to her: penis tetanus. NO LOCKBALLS FOR ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH!The recycled sculpture is an assembly of over 4000 individual parts, who prior to being consolidated into this sculpture where constituent elements of automobiles, boats, televisions and basically anything that had steel worth recycling and weighing in at 550kg (1,210 lbs) and standing tall at 2.4m (7'10") this alien queen will definitely make her presence felt anywhere she goes.With all this intricate detailing and ingenuity put into this design it's no surprise that the sculpture sells for €4500 (~$6,100), which is pretty reasonable for a work of art of this calibour.You know what -- maybe I was being too harsh. I think I'll take the scrap queen out for a date after all. STRAIGHT TO THE RECYCLING CENTER! You gonna make me rich, queeny!

Thanks to Tyler, stephan and Jorge, who would all beat that bitch with a magnet bat.

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