domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

Amateur Experimentation: Girl Attaches Video Cam To Ass To Study If Men Stare At Asses.

This is a video of some annoying-ass girl who decides to wedge a little video camera between her buttcheeks and wander around LA (I can recognize The Grove!) to study if men stare at her ass. Which, UNSURPRISING SPOILER: they do. Womens too. Unfortunately, this chick obviously never passed Experimenting 101 in college because the camera was plainly visible, effectively negating any conclusions you could draw from the study. Is everyone staring at your ass because you have a nice ass or -- OR -- are they staring BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHITTING A F***ING WEBCAM?! The prosecution rests -- ON HIS WAY DREAMIER TUSH!Thanks to Romeo, who once backed dat ass up and caused a 14-car pile up. YOW YOW!

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