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Evil Dead: The Musical

More Evil Dead!

Because the fans wouldn’t stop pouring into the Diesel Playhouse, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL is EXTENDING its run in TORONTO to June 14th!!!

The reviews are continuing to come in strong and it seems that Toronto just wants more. In fact Michael Englebert at AM 740 even upgraded us from 4 to 5 stars. Eye magazine had the same reaction and stated this show has more and is 5 stars now.

The show is so popular and has such massive global appeal that it’s now playing in Seoul, South Korea. Not to worry, our cast is totally in tact and devoted to the Toronto run, Seoul has their own Ash.

What can go wrong when five college students break into an abandoned cabin in the woods? Apparently a whole heck of a lot! They unleash evil spirits, turn into demons… and sing showtunes! In Evil Dead: the Musical, Sam Raimi's cult classic 80s films are brought to life in a hilarious, campy show that will make you love the theatre again. With songs such as "All the Men in my Like keep getting Killed by Candarian Demons" and "What the F*@k was That?", it's no wonder Evil Dead won the Dora Award as Toronto's Favourite Show. So come and see the musical everyone is talking about… it would literally kill you to miss it!

We still have the Splatter Zone, with a few new added features to it. Thanks to this, our fans have been packing it night after night and with The Diesel Playhouse’s full bar service throughout the show, it’s hard to imagine a better night out.

So come and join us at Toronto's funniest show - Evil Dead: The Musical to June 14th at The Diesel Playhouse - 56 Blue Jays Way.

Get tickets now... while you still can!!!!

If you have the chance to see it, don't miss it. I was on the Splatter Zone and it was awesome =0)

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